Event Management

At Event-ism we know how to run events! We know how much work is involved and will happily take part or all of the responsibility off your shoulders to create an amazing event for you. From concept design through to entertainment and AV we can look after every little detail, add in those special moments or after organizing everything yourself, on the night, you can just sit back and have fun while we make sure that all your hard work comes off without a hitch!  Read More


Venue Finding

Sometimes all you need is the right venue but you don’t have the time to wade through the endless selections or various promotions on offer, that is were we come in! We offer a boutique venue finding service and pride ourselves in knowing the best venues in town! Read More. Alternatively, if you are looking for a community hall or smaller venue, we have put together a comprehensive directory for you to look through yourself.



We understand that sometimes you get asked to do more than is possible. Sometimes we all need an extra pair of hands so Event-ism can provide experienced staff to make your load a little easier without any unnecessary training! But there are times when you know you have everything under control, but wouldn't mind consulting with an expert to check that you're on the right track or to get some unique ideas that will make your event pop.  Read more



Do you run a number of events throughout the year and rely on in-house staff to organise them all? Would you like to give your staff the tools they need to produce better events? Better events with clear aims, focused purpose and accountable outcomes. Why not consider a Coach! Event Coaching is a unique program that gives your staff the opportunity to up-skill themselves and produce more effective and beneficial events in the future. Read more



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