Event Coaching

Do you run a number of events throughout the year and rely on in-house staff to organise them all? Would you like to give your staff the tools they need to produce better events? Better events with clear aims, focused purpose and accountable outcomes.

Why not consider an Event Coach! Event Coaching is a unique program that gives your staff the opportunity to up-skill themselves and produce more effective and beneficial events in the future.

The Event Coaching Program provides:
  • Basic Event Consulting before the event. Your staff can call on our experts to answer basic questions in the lead up to an event. 
  •  Attendance at your event. An Event Coach will attend your event for assessment and be available to assist with any minor problems that arise. 
  • Full Event Analysis Report. After the event, your Event Coach will provide a full report on the event outlining the successes and areas that can be improved.
  • Facilitated Debrief. After the event, your Event Coach will facilitate a debrief for all staff involved. This debrief will be an opportunity to discuss everything outlined in the report plus an analysis of content and guests benefits.

The Event Coaching Report will cover:

  • Venue Choice & Performance
  • Technical Report inc Presentations
  • Conference Registration Procedure
  • Staging, Theme and Room Set Up
  • Content Analysis
  • Flow and Momentum of Content
  • Plus any other areas that arise or are specifically requested

Event Coaching Program can also include:

  • Speakers Coaching
  • Script Analysis
  • Copy-writing
  • Public Speaking Pointers

Call us now to chat about your next event!

What our clients say:

"Annecto staff are eternally grateful for the amazing event management skills of Event-ism staff, and more grateful for the considerate and helpful mentoring provided by Deb to staff who grow with every interaction with her." Carol Peterson, Annecto 


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