Halls for Hire, the website has now been open for venues in Victoria for a week. And I often ask, what sort of venues are going to get really excited about using a site like this... churches, scout groups, council run halls, community centres.... there are so many great venues out there that don't have a voice. Very soon we will open up the website to NSW, and then QLD and the rest of Australia before pressing activate on our search functionality and opening up the website for uses to search. As we wait, I just had to share an amazing email I got yesterday, by a very excited Josh Morshead from the Port Phillip Community group who sent through these comments; 


"Firstly, congratulations on getting this fantastic business venture started!! I’m the manager of 11 community facilities located in public housing that are available to be used by the wider community, and I’m always looking for new ways to try and get the word out. I’ve found there’s just no central way of getting the word out there that these great communal spaces are here and that yes, they’ve very much available for use! Within a community development program that runs on next to no funding, I’m always looking for ways to bring extra revenue to put back into the program, and this just sounds ideal."

Thank you Josh, and I look forward to seeing those listings up on halls for hire and more importantly the venues getting used by the wider community!