What a crazy month it has been down here at www.hallsforhire.com.au HQ

Firstly, on a very personal note; I welcomed the arrival of my first child into the world on the 26.6.2016, little baby Charlotte (named after my 94 year old grandmother who is a constant inspiration).

This means that I’ll be a little quiet for a few weeks while we adjust to life with a baby but we still have people in the background doing some amazing things to increase the traffic to our website, make sure we stay at number 1 of google and get you more and more inquiries and bookings!

Secondly, on another personal note; because I do love this website like it is a child. I had the most amazing conversation with a member last week that I ask if it was okay if I could share their experience with you (because I think it has something we can all learn from) and they said yes!

Valleys Rugby League Football Club have had a listing with us for just on a year, they have had a few inquiries, potentially a few bookings, there are not too sure but many people in their team of volunteers didn’t know about the listing that they had on our website and no one paid too much attention to it. You can see their original listing here, http://hallsforhire.com.au/halls/valleys-rugby-league-football-club (I’ve been asked to remove it, but I thought I would wait a few more weeks until you could have a look!)

Well, just 6 weeks ago a new committee member decided to use the website and create a listing (unaware of the original listing) and included some great photos, lots of information, a catchy description, pricing and availability. You can see the new listing here, http://hallsforhire.com.au/halls/valleys-diehards-rugby-league-football-club

You wouldn’t believe it but in those 6 short weeks with the new listing the club have confirmed 4 new bookings, not including any bookings for the busy Christmas Holiday Period!

"We have had great success from the website. Thanks so much for your help with this and the feedback on how we can make our page even more appealing." Danny Walker, President Valleys

The traffic from the website is amazingly different, just from having a catchy photo and description on the search page meant that almost 5 times the amount of people clicked on the new listing than on the original listing. In just the last month alone the original listing received 30 page views, while the new listing received almost 150 page views – FOR THE EXACT SAME VENUE!

It doesn’t take that much more effort to add in good photos that show various aspects of your venue, include a description that highlights the best parts of what you have to offer and take full advantage of the listing by including something in most if not all pages (i.e pricing, availability, facilities). I went on to suggest that they limit the photos to 7 so they all appear on the page, plus add in availability information as they are now starting to get too  busy and you don’t want to have to waste your time dealing with inquiries that you have no time for!

What can you do today to increase the traffic to your listing? Every month we have approximately 20,000 people visit our website – make sure they are looking at you!

I am going to have a break from newsletter writing next month, but will be back with some new engaging content in September! In the meantime, take a moment to update your listing, ask for help from me if you need it, and be kind if I am a little slower than normal replying to emails as I am working on very little sleep!

Thanks so much!