We know the current Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic is a scary and unknown time and want to touch base with you to check in and make sure you are doing okay.

As someone who has worked from home for sometime now, some of these measures feel very natural to me so I wanted to share with you a few tips that I have found help me when working from home and working in an isolated environment while trying to stay very much connected.

Firstly, take this time to try out some apps that you might not have heard of or tried before. Zoom and Skype are both great ways to stay face-to-face with people while keeping in your own space. WhatsApp sounds like it is just for the kids, but is really a great way to create a group chat to stay connected and also had video call functions. If you are used to working within your team and now need a new way of doing things; Slack is a great way to chat to your team in real time, and Trello is a great way to organise yourself while working remotely.

I haven’t provided links to any, but feel free to Google them and see if they might work for you – I use all of these regularly without too much IT knowledge and best of all they are all free!

Secondly, please look after your own mental health during these crazy times. If you are anything like me, the constant changes and information from the major stations are overwhelming and scary. Take a moment to breath, go for a walk, try and chat to friends and family (while keeping a distance) and look after yourself. Make sure you are getting accurate information like that provided by the government health website - https://www.health.gov.au/ and make sure you tune out from this crisis from time to time and concentrate on other things.

And thirdly, please, if you are able, support small business. As a small business owner located within your community, I, like you, are feeling uneasy. At times like this, it's vital we work together to support our nation's small businesses. While countries around the world are putting drastic measures in place to halt the progression of this terrible virus, we in business, charities and NFPs are all trying to figure out a way to deliver our services, support our communities and stay connected.

In the coming months as we emerge from this crisis our community centre’s, venues and halls will be of the utmost importance to bring our communities back together again. I hope to stay on the journey with you and look forward to that day – it can’t get here soon enough!

As always, if you need anything at anytime please drop me a line, deb@hallsforhire.com.au and I’ll do my best to help in anyway I can with very clean hands 😊