The most important document you need while working on an event is a running sheet! Running sheet, agenda, schedule, time line, call it what you like, as long as you have one! This document should have a list of everything that will happen and the time that it will happen. In other words, if you have access to the venue at 3pm, then that is the first thing that should be written in! This running sheet should be worked on until it is perfect (expect multiple changes!) and before the event, it should be sent to everyone involved. Send it to the venue for food service times, your suppliers for access times, and your performers and MC so they know what is going on! I cannot stress the importance of having this put together thoroughly; it is the difference between everyone knowing what’s going on and not!

While you are putting this document together, try taking a few moments to think like your guests. Visualise the event, and walk through it in your mind as if for the first time.

A guest enters, are there pre-function drinks? Perhaps a friendly (maybe even funny!) doorman greets them and a waiter serves them a welcome cocktail. Is there lovely music on? Live musicians even? Once all the guests have arrived the doorman announces guests to move through to the dinning area. They enter and are serviced a delicious entrée, perhaps an MC comes to the stage to announce the event, and officially welcome guests…

 Think about how your guests would like to experience the event. This works for gala nights as well as conferences and expos or team building days. Think about the experience from the very start of the event. For a team-building day, the start of the event might be a bus ride; perhaps you have a host on the bus explaining what they day will entail. Or for a conference, registration is the start of the experience for guests, how will this be organized?

Think about keeping guests attention and allowing them the time to mingle and talk, always check and double check the way you imagine the event will run. It is always a good idea to discuss this with other people, get a second opinion. Ask someone else in the office, your partner or if you want some expert advice contact Event-ism and we will happily run through the event with you and point out any pit falls, moments that might not work or things to give extra attention to on the day.

It is always a good idea to have someone on the floor at the event, making sure that your well laid plans goes off without a hitch, if you want to sit back and enjoy the soils of your hard work, try recruiting someone to keep an eye on things or contact Event-ism and we will be happy to arrange a freelance event manager to be there on the day and ensure that even the biggest of problems go completely unnoticed by your guests!