Once you have worked out your venue and your guest list, it is time to get serious about planning your event! There are a number of things that need to be thought out and planned for, below is a list of some of the important things to think about to get you on the right track to organizing an amazing events!

1. Theme

What theme are you going to have for your event? If you're not going to have a specific theme, (eg Underwater, Hollywood, Spice Road etc) perhaps you have a feel in mind or a core colour(s) that will embody what you are looking for.

2. Focus

What does your event need to say? Have you got a message that needs to be expressed or is the event for pure entertainment purposes only?

3. Room

Now you know the venue, and the room you will be using, how do you want that room(s) to look? Think about it as a guest, how will the space look when you walk in, move around and sit down? What sort of impression do you want to make on your guests when they first enter your event right up until they leave!

4. Event Content

Write down everything that needs to happen throughout the event. Will you have entertainment? An MC? Floor Show, Awards, Cake, Speeches, Auction, Raffle, Break Outs, PowerPoint Presentation, Dancing! There are a number of things that can happen throughout your event, mark down everything that needs to happen, plus some wish list items (perhaps a comediam or welcoming entertainment) and then you can fit these things in the best possible way to make sure the event is seamless and organized.

5. Requirements

Once you know what you want to happen throughout your event, it is time to work out what you need to make it possible. Talk to the experts! If you don't have an event manager, talk to your venue, they should be able to recommend a preferred supplier. Things you might need include; PA and Lighting,, Screens, Microphones, Dance Floor, Stage, White Board, Pens and Paper, Laptop for PowerPoint or DVD Presentation, Projector etc

6. More, More, More

Many small details go into running a successful event, if you make a list of everything it gives you a starting point to be able to add to. You wont know everything right from the start, and yes, someone will decide right at the last minute to include something that you hadn't planned for, but that's half the fun of running the event!

If it's all getting to much or you just don't have the time to dedicate to all the arrangements and constant changes  that need to be coordinated, call Event-ism to set up a time for us to come and meet with you to discuss how we can assist you to make it all happen easily!