Following on from our newsletter last month about how valuable volunteers are. I wanted to share a great tip from one of our members, Cathy Rees from the Wilson Botanic Park Berwick who suggested an amazing service called Volunteer Matcher for anyone needing more volunteers.


This got me thinking of other ways to get more volunteers!


We all need volunteers to help run our venue or help run an event – so what can we do to attract more volunteers?


1.         Go to where the people are:  Don’t wait for them to come to you, they probably won’t. Go out and find them! Put up flyers, get on the phone and/or arrange a phone tree, asking friends to ask friends! Use Social Media! Most importantly you have to ask people to volunteer because that is the only way they will know you need help!


2.         Make working with you appealing:  Of course the hall needs to be swept but that doesn't mean sweeping needs to be the sole role of your volunteer. Ask them what they care about, what they know and design a role to fit. Create small rolls that are easy to manage. It’s quite a daunting task to be asked to run your next fundraiser, but being asked to help with the catering is probably more manageable.

3.         Share your story:  Of course we are all more likely to engage in a cause and support people we care about. Let them get to know you, share your story, make your ‘why’ big. Imagine people sharing that story – that is volunteer attraction gold.

4.         Understand that volunteers may be transient: Asking someone to sit on the board may seem overwhelming at first. Getting them involved in smaller tasks that they not not locked into may be more manageable for people. Also never forgot that some volunteers are their to improve a specific skill and once that skill is improved they may take it to find other roles that are more challenging. How will you capture the skills of your volunteers and share them? Make sure there isn’t just one person doing something that once they leave you are in a mess!

Volunteers are extremely valuable to any event / organisation and really make this country amazing! So go out and think about how you can attract more volunteers to get involved!

Talking about getting involved, this month also sees us looking forward to Not-for-Profit Finance Week! Held 17-21 September 2018, it is designed to increase the profile of the not-for-profit sector, bolster the financial capacity and sustainability of the sector, and provide support for the staff, board members and treasurers carrying out the important task of overseeing the finances. There are a series of free webinars for all of you that are interested in figures, click here for more information. 

As we get into the silly season, next month we will chat about what makes events great and some easy ways to make your next event stand out. Until then, enjoy the start of the warmer weather and get in touch if there is anything you need!