I promised you a halls for hire newsletter full of information about getting volunteers involved and keeping them interested, but we have had so many inquiries and questions come through that I thought I would address these this month and save our volunteer discussion until next month. If you really need help with volunteers now, drop me a line and I’ll happily help you out :)

Firstly - Inquires

As always we are stoked to tell you that we have had another bumper month of hits throughout the site this month! We just keep getting more visitors and this month we had; 19,184 Sessions from 15,211 users with 15,211 page views spending an average 00:04:25 on the site.

These are crazy figures! And to think, this started as a little idea about wanting to get more people using community spaces, YOUR SPACES! While getting community organisations,YOUR ORGANISATIONS, more money in the process. And now, thanks to ALL OF YOU, this little site is helping people all over Australian FIND SPACES for their events.

Each week with get 100's of amazing inquiries to get your hall hired, people, but unfortunately none of this comes at no cost. We are constantly marketing your venues, promoting the site and individual listings through social media, newspapers and events.  PLUS there are so many more things to achieve - a more mobile friend site, easier search functions with a map, a community grants program (with an annual $2000 building fund awarded to one member) and calendar / booking capabilities. 

To do this, we unfortunately need to generate an income. This month has seen our first round of Free Trail Memberships come up for renewal. After the Free Trial Membership, you automatically roll over to an annual membership which costs $100 for 12 months (plus GST).  We do this automatically because for most organisations, this will be the cheapest option. Meaning that as long as you get 1 good booking throughout the year, you have paid for your membership and all other bookings go straight to your organisation. But of course, you always have the option to list with us under a commission bases, meaning we will charge you 10% of all confirmed bookings through the site. Full pricing information is always available on the halls for hire website 

To support rural, isolated or struggling clubs – we do not charge membership fees for anyone that averages less than 10 views a month. Anything above this, we feel should provide you with enough interest to generate income for your club, if it hasn't been, please let us know.  

As always, we love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions, problems or just want to tell us how much you love us (please!) or how you would like the site improve - GET IN TOUCH! I always answer inquiries within 24 hours (normally much quicker than that!) and only do this so that YOUR VENUES will be used by MORE PEOPLE and make you MORE MONEY! So what is important to you, is important to me.

Have a great September!


PS – Next month – volunteer information I promise :)