As always, thank you for being part of the family.

This month’s exciting news is that we have joined the wonderful world of Instagram. So we are not only posting out information about your venue on Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest you will now be getting exposure on our new Instagram account (we love a good Instragram filter!).

Facebook is still our leading method of getting your information out with just over 900 people following us but it has been announced that Instagram is the fastest growing social network (don’t worry, Facebook is still way out in from) so we thought we would jump on board! We hope that out new Instagram account will get your information out further and wider and get your halls hired!

Don’t forget – if you find you are getting too many calls about functions that are not appropriate – just login to your halls for hire account and add more information to your listing. The more information you can add to your listing, the better qualified your inquires will be.

For example, if you listing doesn’t have any availability information, and no price information. Someone with $15 a week to spend on hiring your hall every Tuesday night for a weekly yoga class might give you a call. But your hall costs $25 an hour to hire, and you have club meetings ever Tuesday night from 7pm. WHAT A WASTE OF YOUR TIME! But if your listing had your hourly rate listed, plus your hours where up to date, you never would have been bothered with that call. SAVING YOU VALUABLE TIME!

So now for today’s tips – The importance of price information

We all know that we are busy, we want to make money by getting our hall hired out – but don’t want to be bothered by 100’s of inquires that don’t lead anywhere. One of the biggest factors for people when decided on a hall to hire is the cost. When looking at your listing/s – think of the following:

  1. Have you updated the automatic sliding scale for pricing at the top of the pricing page?                                              $ = under $100 an hour through to $$$$$ = over $1,000
  2. You should fill in at least one of the pricing fields to give people a starting point for discussion. If this price is up for negotiation or you offer discounts to community groups – there is room to mention this down the bottom in the open text field.

  3. If you have any standard “Bond”, “Security” charge etc – please list these so there are no surprises for people once they start talking to you about your venue.

  4. If you have your prices listed on your own website – please mention this in the text field down the bottom, and people can go there to get the information.

  5. If you have a minimum spend (as in, you run a bar and expect people to buy drinks from you) then this should be added here with some information about what would be expected. EG – A $500 minimum bar spend is required for all evening functions over 3 hours

More tips to come soon :)