We have had a busy month at www.hallsforhire.com.au with marketing opportunities a plenty to spruke all your amazing spaces! Now a month in, we feel like we’ve got the hang of our new Instagram account and have been enjoying sharing some amazing hall photos, so please keep photos coming!

Other than promotional work, the other thing keeping us busy this month has been updating accounts. We love getting a call from someone to update their account because we know there is someone looking after your venue! But often we find out when someone calls to book your venue and your contact details are no longer accurate L

We know that volunteers carry out almost 80 per cent of the administration functions within community organisations, so it is often hard to keep track when volunteers move on.

How are you going to make sure that all your hard work, creating and managing your Halls for Hire listing (and everything else you've put in place!), isn't wasted and forgotten once you leave?  

How do you not lose all your organisations information when you lose a valuable volunteer or committee member? Have you got a plan for when committee members take on new tasks? Or leaves all together?

Today’s Tips – How to pass on your work, once you leave

 Have a generic email address. If you don’t have a website with a domain name, this could be as simple as
YourClubsName@gmail.com. Use something that is just about your organisation and you don’t mind passing on once you finish up.

2. If you’re not good at checking multiple email addresses (
I'm terrible!) make sure you link your generic email address to your normal email address so you don’t miss anything! This is really easy to do with most email programs and you have a couple of options:

  • Option 1: In your personal inbox, go to settings and add an email address (Check mail from other accounts), add in your email address and password, and then go to Send mail as and add in your email address again.  This method will allow you to use your inbox to send and receive from YourClubName@gmail.com 
  • Option 2: In your generic inbox (YourClubName@gmail.com) go to settings and Forwarding. Add a forwarding address (your personal email address) and now all messages will be forward to your personal inbox so you don’t miss them. You can then reply via your personal email or sign into the generic inbox and reply to them from there. 

1.     3. As a volunteer, and even a staff member, you don’t always have time to record everything you do when it comes to your organisation, but it is important to keep some basic records so you can hand over when you leave. How about setting up a Google Docs / Google Sheet with some standard information like prices, procedures and your Halls for Hire membership details! This document can then be shared with a number of different committee members. This way, you are not responsible for everything! 

If you would like us to cover something specific, just drop us an email admin@hallsforhire.com.au Next month we will talk about volunteers in more details, about getting volunteers involved and keeping them interested.

Have a great month!