At we are so excited to be edging towards 20,000 impressions a month with a database that is growing daily that we have decided to start a regular blog!

To make sure that our members (and potential members) you are getting the most out of their listing we would like to start to send out regular hints and tips for you to think about. This will include things like how to improve your listing, how to get more qualified leads out of your listing and will also extend to things like what sort of events might work in your venue and better ways to manage your bookings and things to avoid when hiring out.

If there are any areas that you would like some help with, any questions that you have or areas you feel you could use some advice in, please let us know because I am sure that there are many other Hall Managers who have the same sort of questions so we will incorporate these into our semi regular emails :)

If you haven't already, please connect with us on FacebookTwitter or join our NEW Facebook group! This group has been designed to encourage people to come in and ask peers for advice on appropriate halls in their area and also give you a place to ask for help from other Hall Managers about issues you might be facing. 


Today’s tips are all about photos! Have you got a photo up on your listing? When comparing listings - you are 3-4 times more likely to have someone enter your page (and get your contact details!) if you have a photo! You can have up to 7 photos on your listings, so use them wisely with these 7 tips!

  1. Make sure all photos are clean and clear.

  2. Photos that are taken during the day are best, at night time, make sure you have a good reason (i.e. an event) and good lighting for a great photo.

  3. Photos that are too large will take too long for people to load and not get you the best result. You should re-size all large files to a web friendly size (anything over 800 pix wide is just too big!). I use a free program called ( to resize all my files, give it a go and if you want some help just email us at and we can resize them for you.

  4. Have at least one photo of your main room. EMPTY, showing as much of the room as possible.

  5. If you can, have one photo of the main room set up for an event so people can see what it looks like with tables and chairs etc.

  6. If you have an outdoor space, large kitchen or other unique feature - make sure you include a photo of these areas.

  7. If you have other rooms at your venue such as a smaller meeting room or board room, include a photo of each of these spaces as well. 

More tips to come soon :)