Hope you have had an amazing month enjoying some time off with school holidays and Easter breaks. As always here at www.hallsforhire.com.au we have been busy getting your venues noticed, working on web updates and fixing bugs as they come up (which they always do with the internet changing so quickly!!)

With things changing in cyber space we thought it would be a great time to talk about changing the way we look at marketing our venues. So this month we are talking about all things marketing!

We all know that you have a venue, but how do we get other people to know about it? Having a venue for people to host their events can be a very lucrative venture ­ if you know how to market it. People have to know about your venue before they can hire it, right?

There are various ways both offline and online to market your venue within your community and beyond. The goal is to be the first place people think of when it comes time to host their event. Let’s get into some of the ways you can market your venue both using www.hallsforhire.com.au and on your own!

Word of mouth

It may seem a little primitive in our current world of technology, but it still one of the very best ways to market your venue. Word of mouth, especially in a closely knit community, spreads like wildfire. Basically, it is the "tell a friend to tell a friend" model of marketing and it works really well when it comes to a community. In no time, you will have people you didn't know calling to confirm the venue.  Don’t forget, just because it is obvious to you that your venue is available for hire, doesn’t mean it’s obvious to everyone else. Just start talking to people about it and make sure you get members and committee members to do the same!

Community Notice Boards

Do you have a community notice board within your building? Put a sign up! Even better, do you have a community notice board outside your building? Put a bigger sign up! You’ll often see community notice boards around town, in shopping centres, shopping strips, sometimes outside of the library or supermarket – put signs up there too! It’s a bit of an old school technique but it’s easy to pin up a sign advertising your venue with you www.hallsforhire.com.au listing, website and phone number readily available for potential customers to make note of.

Your Halls for Hire listing

I don’t know how many inquiries I have had recently that can’t be confirmed because the listing has either incorrect information, or not enough information on it! Make sure you keep your www.hallsforhire.com.au listing completed (including prices, hours available and photos) and up to date! Did you know venues with good open photos (without people and showing the whole space) get more hits than venues with no photos or photos that only show a very limited area of the venue? So think about the photos you use and get some more up! You have room for 7 after all!!

Your own social media

Create a social media presence so you can post updates all the time about venue availability and other past successful events your venue has hosted. You can display lots of engaging imagery, collect customer feedback and communicate with potential customers. You can also set up target local advertising to get your venue in front of relevant locals. It’s easy to do and is a great way to set up a two­way communication channel with your brand and potential customers. We suggest using Facebook and Instagram as the best approaches to this strategy for local engagement. Connect with us on social media and we will always share your content free of charge! If you need help setting this up, we can set it up and train you to use it at a minimal cost.

Community social media

Most communities have evolved into the digital age and have social media platforms. You could post information about your venue on those social media platforms where you are guaranteed an audience. The benefits are that it is inexpensive and has the potential of reaching many people without restrictions. Think about communities that might have social media accounts that already use your venue or communities that your members are involved with – every little share helps!

Community media advertising

Placing an ad with your community radio or television station is a great way to market your venue. Of course, you will have to pay for the ad. The benefit of this method over the word of mouth technique is that it has a greater potential to reach more people much faster. Depending on the availability, media presence and the cost, community media outlets could be a great marketing resource for you.

As always we will promote your venue through the internet and our social media channels. But marketing is one of those things that needs to be constantly looked at, hopefully we have listed down some easy, mostly free or rather cheap ways to get your venue booked just a few more times!

It’s always hard to think about topics that you might be interested in us covering, so please, if there is anything you would like us to cover in the months ahead, please let us know.

Have a great April!