Hope you all have a wonderful weekend with a massive Grand Final weekend across all states! What Grand Final means to me is that it is spring and Party Season is upon us! It’s time to turn our attention to racing season, Christmas season, Annual General Meetings (AGM)’s and Conference season – whatever it is that you are involved in, chances are that you have an event coming up real soon! 

Some venues leave all the event management up the the hirer, others like to get more involved. Here are some quick ideas on how you can help make your next event, or your hirers next event stand out from the rest!

  • Theme and setting the stage: Some of our venues are amazing as they are and don’t need much when it comes to staging, while others need a little TLC to make them come to life! A really easy way to make a Community Hall look more like an elegant reception is with drapes. You can make them yourselves and install them to be used when a hirer requests them, or hire them for a one off event from someone like Party Design. Drapes make a big impact on large walls that could do with some magic.

  • Entertainment: Talking about magic, an amazing way to make an event stand out is to have one of a kind entertainment. I’m in love with magic at the moment and can’t get enough of Penn & Tellers’ “Fool Us” – If you haven’t seen it, check it out! If you want to bring that kind of magic to your next event, then check out someone like magician Sydney, Julian Bull who can do either a large scale floor show or roving close up magic as people are standing around he’s even got a show coming up you can see him in action! 

  • Technology: All events these days use some form of technology. Being able to provide basic technology to your hirer is essential in helping create a memorable event. Having an in-house PA system, microphone and ideally a projector and screen is ideal. There is nothing worse than having great speeches but the people up the back can’t quite hear it all. Invest in some great technology for your venue or develop a relationship with a local supplier that can get to know your venue and do you some great deals.

As always, if you have anything you would like covered, or you have any comments or questions drop me a line.