May the 4th be with you! A wonderful way to start a new month, here at we hope that Star Wars Day has brought you some laughs and good fortune.

One thing that can destroy even the most wondrous day is not having all your paperwork in order. This month we had the opportunity to talk to John Anderson from Eaziwaiver who understands better than just about anyone that contacts and waivers are absolutely worth the paper they are written on!

What do your contracts look like? Do you have a contract and/or waiver for people to booking your venue? If not, why not? And if you do have a contract and/or waiver – are you presenting it to your hirer at the right time? As John explained to me;

“There is a new section in the Trade Practices Act (Section 68B) which permits companies supplying recreational services to contractually limit liability if due care has been provided. But it is essential that the participant/consumer be made aware of any risks before or at the time of entering into the contract in a relatively new section of the law (68B) covering recreational services.”

So when is a contract entered into?

“This varies from business to business and may be at the point payment is made over a telephone, a booking form signed or a ticket is taken on entry to a parking garage. With this in mind it is essential to ensure that consumers have been made aware and accepted risks and liability before a contract is entered into. Remember requesting a consumer to provide their own liability insurance does not protect you, a waiver still needs to be in place. If something should go awry it is the consumers’ insurer that will have a claim against you!”

Eaziwaiver provides a simple cost effective solution to manage all documentation and contractual issue. We are also starting to talk to Eaziewaiver about providing you with customize booking forms, liability and waiver forms to suit your business and manage completion, filing and retrieval of all of these documents. We would love to hear back from you as to if this is something that would help you in your booking process and enhance your experience with

In the meantime, have a great month and we look forward to talking about more fluffy and fun topics next month! (If you want to know something, please let me know and I’ll do my best to cover it for you)

Until next month!



Please Note: Eaziwaiver Pty Ltd is a company that provides software solutions and does not offer legal advice. The above in an opinion based on research. A legal professional should be consulted in all legal matters.