So sorry I haven't sent a newsletter this month. Between festival season and dealing with our ever expanding usage on the website (we reached 25,000 hits over the last month!) and the hiccups that come along with that, it's been a busy month.

I am preparing a newsletter for next month to talk about what you charge your users: cleaning fees, bond etc etc. And what you expect from them: leave the place clean, remove rubbish etc

Anyone that would like to share their experiences and what has been working for them, please let me know!

For now, this is just a very quick message to let you know that the Festival of Small Halls is returning after a year's hiatus, scheduled to hit the road in November 2017.

The festival has a new producer, Eleanor Ridgen who is just starting to look at halls and the tours schedual. At this stage they are planning for the Queensland/Northern New South Wales Summer 2017 tour. And then straight into a tour of Tasmania early 2018 and Autumn 2018 in New South Wales and Victoria.

If your community would like to host a date the festivals contact details are: +61 7 5496 1066 during office hours (MON - FRI), or at

Hope you are having a great week and I'll talk to you all very soon!