Organizing a remarkable event is all about the little extras that make people feel well looked after and cared for. Some of these extras are just for fun and others are really very important but often don’t get thought about until it is too late. Below you have a list of things that you might not think about but will make your event run smoother and keep your guests safer and happier!

1.  Transport
Do VIP guests need hire cars? Do guests need transport from one spot to another – should you organize buses or taxi’s to get people home at the end of the night? If your venue isn’t normally used for functions or if it is out of the centre of town, letting the local taxi service know that there will be a number of people wanting taxi’s at a certain time will make your guests and the taxi company very happy!

2.  Gifts
Leave your guests with a memento from your event. This is a great way for them to remember the night and your company. This can be done in a number of ways. Of course there are photos that guests can buy before they leave, or be sent afterward. But I would think outside the box for something really special and something relevant to your event or your business. Importantly there are a number of events that require gifts of some sort - awards nights, fundraisers etc. But how about promotional

material? How about a goodie-bag on each chair with information and a lovely surprise gift! Incorporating your logo just adds to the long-term benefit and means people will think of you every time they use that product.

3. First Aid
If you are in a venue, does your venue have a first aid kit or room? Is this something you will need to bring along? Specifically if it is an outdoor event (make sure you have sun block available) or if you are using a space not designed as a function space, is there a space someone can go to get attention. This point will be determined by your event. If you are holding a large scale festival, a risk assessment will need to be created and the local authorities might need to have a presence. If it is just a small family fun day, a first aid kit and a person trained in CPR might be enough.

4. Coat Check / Bag Check
Is this organized by the venue? Ask! Will guests have large bags that will need to be kept throughout the day. This is most important for conferences that lead into dinners, guests will want somewhere to keep their belongings without having to keep an eye on them all day.

5. Fire Warden / Smoke Detectors
Are you going to have candles, smoke machine, fire performers, pyrotechnics? You may need to isolate smoke detectors, follow safety regulations or have a fire warden on site. Check these details with the venue and suppliers well before your event. It may be as simple as candles must be in glass jars or you might have to use gas flames that are fully enclosed. Different venues have different requirements, always best to ask.

6. Public Liability Insurance / Licenses
Check that all suppliers and entertainment have public liability insurance. If it is an outdoor event or on council premises, make sure you ask the council about insurance, liability and any specific licenses that may be required.

7. Outdoor Events
Talking about outdoor events, there are a number of extras that need to be considered when running your event outdoors, these may include Portable Toilets, Generators, Permits etc. Your local council should be a great place to start with most of this information, and this might be a point that I discuss in more detail on another blog.

8. More, More, More
Other things to think about include accomodation for interstate or out of town guests, a photographer and videographer to capture the special event. If it is promotional activity, should you get a PR consultant in or have you got other ways of getting media exposure? Call you local newspaper, trade magazines etc.

There are so many details to think about when putting together an event and although most events follow similar rules, no two are exactly the same. If you need some guidance navigating your way through the panning process or you just want to consult with an expert to make sure you haven't let anything slip contact Event-ism and we will run through everything you have organized until now and things that still need to be sorted