Adding entertainment to your event can really make it special and something that people will remember and talk about for a long time.

Moments to consider adding entertainment include:

Welcome Entertainment

- How nice for guests to be greeted when they enter your function. Perhaps the venue is a little hard to find, how about a man on stilts! Or maybe some fire breathers will make the entrance feel a little bit more grand. Want even more attention? Roving drummers can make a venue come alive by adding colour, movement and music all at once! Welcoming guests with entertainment can be used in any type of event, conferences and promotional events it works a treat and the list of options are limited only by your imagination!

Wandering Entertainment

- Some of the best entertainment comes out of those little moments that only a handful of people experience at one time. Wandering through a crowd, how special it is to have entertainers talking to and interacting with guests, acting as pure entertainment, guiding guests to where you want them or promoting an element of the event. This interaction is creative, its different and it makes a night really special. It can add to you theme, add humor or elegance or be a walking talking promotion of your product!

Floor Show

- If you want to pull out all the stops why not arrange a floorshow to entertain your guests. A floorshow can be that added extra or it can work within the theme of the whole event. A comedian, magician or musical act can have a wow factor, or working in the theme perhaps a circus theme might have some aerial acrobatics or an Opera singer for a theater theme. The choices are endless! You can even get guests involved by having dancers perform an amazing routine and then pull people out of the crowd and onto the dance floor!

Music - Of course one of the most important element of entertainment at any event is the music. Wandering minstrels can cause a stir at the start of the night, elegant jazz or stings can set the mood and famous faces really pack a punch! When it comes to dancing the night away, it is limited only to your budget. DJ’s can really get things going, duos and trios can do covers and then there are the rock bands! Cover bands can range from 4 or 5 players right through to show bands of 10 or 11 with full costume changes and choreographed dancers. If you want something really spectacular you can even get your guests dancing to the sounds of a traditional Big Band or even a full orchestra!

There are a number of different styles of entertainment to choose from and deciding what is best is often like walking through a minefield. Make sure that the entertainers you select are professional and can deliver what they promise! It is best to see performers in action or have them suggested by an expert. If your dealing direct with artists, it is important to talk through exactly what you expect.

If you need some guidance on what entertainment is available and reliable options contact Event-ism and we will set up a consultation to advice you on some of the best choices available!