Chag Sameach and Happy Easter for all that are celebrating a holiday this week. I can’t believe it is already Autumn, feels like the year just started! As always its’ been busy here at Halls for Hire HQ; loads of inquires coming through and our busiest month last month topping 25,000 hits = incredible!

As promised, this month I wanted to talk to you about how you manager your hirers and what can be expected from someone who hires your venue. Firstly, yes you’re right, it is you venue so you can make any and as many rules are you see fit to make sure your venue is kept safe and clean but last month we asked others to share their expectations so you can set your own rules (if you don’t have any in place) and feel good about what you are asking people to do.

This month we are going to talk about cleaning. What do you expect your hirers to do?

Many venues simply ask that the venue is left clean and tidy, others go on to stipulate that all rubbish must be removed. But should you break it down further? Coorabell Hall outline it amazingly well, stating exactly what needs to be done such as;

  • Tables and chairs stacked
  • All decorations removed
  • All table and benches wiped clean
  • All bins emptied into the wheelie bins outside the back door and new liners inserted in the bins. Empty toilet bins if full and reline
  • Clean Hall floors and toilets, including mopping
  • All equipment brought in to be removed from the premises and the grounds
  • All windows and doors to be shut and locked
  • All lights, fans turned off
They even go so far as to outline what cleaning equipment is supplied; Bin Liners, Brooms, Mop, Bucket, Gloves, Rags, Cleaning Products (e.g. detergent for use in toilet).

From talking to many of you and speaking to hirers, I think there is a general understanding that it is the hirers responsibility to leave the venue clean. But there is a difference between what hirers think is clean and what venues expect. If you expect more than the following to be done it needs to be stated in your paperwork just like Coorabell Hall have, otherwise it probably won’t happen. Most hirers expect to do the following cleaning and that the venue will have the following items available for them to use:

  • Stack tables and chairs and return to where they found them
  • Wipe down all surfaces (not including toilets)
  • Put all rubbish in bins provided
  • Sweep (if required)

  • Broom
  • Dish washing liquid
  • Sponges
  • Rubbish bins 
  • Rubbish bin liners

Obviously there are exceptions to this. Venues such as Logan Metro are full service venues and don’t expect the hirer to do any cleaning at all, but factor cleaning fees into their charges. 

Next month we will talk about fees and charges in more detail. Other than cleaning fees, what other additional fees should you have in place? And how do you work out your hiring fees? If you would like to share your charging methods with other members in our next newsletter please email me at

In the meantime, please enjoy this wonderful holiday season with your family, friends and community. Eat lots of chocolate and enjoy the long weekends!