This month I have been asked about insurance, how to deal with hirers that don’t have it and how to make sure all events are insured adequately. I’ve put this question out to social media and a few insurance brokers that I know and will talk about all things insurance next month. If you have any ideas that you would like to share on insurance matters, please email me and I will include your comments with a link to your listing on social media and in our next newsletter.

The other question that has come up quite a bit this month has been Safer Events. With Christmas coming up, there are a lot of inquiries coming through for end of year parties, breakup parties, teen parties etc. Some venues do not allow alcohol events or teen events because of issues with safety and damage to their property. I think this comes down to the type of venue you have, the area that you are in, and who is hiring your facilities.

But don’t let a handful of terribly organised parties spoil it for the rest of us!

There are proven methods to make sure your hirers create a safe party for all their guests and that your hall is returned to you as you handed it over. Here are a few tips I’ve found create the safest of parties:
1.    Make sure all your insurances are in place – more on this next month
2.    Request a larger bond for these types of events and notify hirers that it will be held for 7 days post event to give you enough time to check the venue before giving back the bond.
3.    Make sure all events with over 100 people, with teens, or that are serving alcohol; register with the State Police’s Safer Party Program two weeks prior to the event. All states have their own version of this, listed below: 

  •        VIC -
  •        NSW -
  •        SA -
  •        QLD -
  •        WA -
  •        NT -
  •        TAS -
4.    Ensure that teen parties have non-drinking adult supervisors, and require them to hire private security should the numbers be excessive (150+)
5.    Lock up all valuables within the hall and only give access to spaces required. It is also a good idea to limit the amount of entry/exit points they have access too.
6.    For large events with over 100 people, request a safety plan. i.e. what are they planning to do should the following problems arise: gate crashers, violent behaviour, medical emergency
7.    Advice hirers that there is no disposal of glass available and recommend they serve all drinks in plastic cups.
8.    Extend your request to have the hall returned clean and as it was provided, to the whole venue grounds; include that no litter is to be left outside in the garden area or on the street.

With these measures in place you can confidently hire out your venue to all types of events!

If you would like us to cover something specific, just drop us an email 

Next month we will talk about insurance in more details, about insuring your organisation, and making sure your hirers are insured adequately.

Have a great month!