2010 was such a big year, I thought why not have a look back at some of the amazing events we're had the privilege to be a part of. For us, running these events is such an honor, so much fun was had, a few tears were shed, lots of laughs for all and some amazing moments many will never forget.....

The one year anniversary of the devastating Black Saturday Bush Fires. This picture was taken on the Kinglake oval, a message of thanks to the whole of Australia. An emotional, but really special day.

The itSMF Australia, National LeadIT Conference - three jam-packed days of insightful training sessions, a fantastic Expo and some supper fun social events including the inspirational breakfast, fun games night and of course, the Gala Dinner pictured above.

How could we forget all the excitement of giving away a whopping $50,000 to one lucky young fisherman! Plus we got to promoted the Lake Eildon & Goulburn River area bringing in over 2000 tourists for this fun event.

Our first international conference took us to Cambodia for this inspiring Early Warning Conference.

So many other great events made 2010 an amazing year, full of people coming together to learn, teach, laugh and cry. Here is hoping that 2011 brings us all much love, laughter, success and learnings.
HAPPY 2011!